Supporting Materials

To apply for graduate school, you’ll need to gather a number of supporting materials. Pay attention to departmental and university-wide deadlines and allow yourself plenty of time to gather and submit the following:

Letters of Recommendation (Submit online through the Applyweb System)

The Graduate School requires at least two letters of recommendation. Contact your program of interest to see if additional letters are required. Use recommenders who are able to comment on your academic or professional qualifications.

How do I submit letters of recommendation?
The ApplyWeb system, which you will use to apply to USC, will ask you to provide recommender contact information. Upon submission of your application, the online system will contact your recommenders directly with instructions for submitting their recommendation.

Official Transcripts

The Graduate School requires applicants for degree programs to submit official transcripts for all colleges attended, whether or not a degree was earned. Official transcripts are sent directly from your institution to the Graduate School, submitted in an envelope sealed by your institution or submitted through a secure, password protected transcript service (E-SCRIP, Parchment, National Clearinghouse). Opened copies of your transcript are not official.

Note: Previous USC Students (Graduates and attendees who have completed coursework at any of our USC campuses) do not have to submit official transcripts as their academic history is on file.

Where should I have my official transcripts sent?

By Mail:

Graduate School
University of South Carolina
1705 College Street, Suite 552
Columbia, South Carolina 29208

By Electronic Transcript Service (we cannot accept pdf attachments to emails as official):

NOTE: ***Submit your online application BEFORE you request that your transcripts be sent to the Graduate School***

While all applicants are required to submit official transcripts, we encourage applicants to upload unofficial transcripts to the online application. These unofficial transcripts significantly assist the departments in evaluating your application, and may allow for a quicker admission decision.

International applicants must provide official documents, but DO NOT mail your original copies. Instead, send certified copies and/or bring your originals to The Graduate School upon arrival.

Official Test Scores (Submitted directly from testing service)

Most programs require an acceptable score on the GRE General Test for admission. However, some programs accept or require the GMAT, MAT, MCAT, or DAT. You should consult your program's website for more specific information concerning required or acceptable admissions tests.

How do I submit official test scores?
The Graduate School requires applicants to submit official test scores directly from the testing service. Copies of test score reports provided to the student are not considered official. Institutional codes for University of South Carolina-Columbia are as follows:

  • GRE - 5818
  • MAT - 1719
  • GMAT - JV2
  • MCAT - No code (Choose "University of South Carolina, Graduate School" from menu)
  • TOEFL - 5818
  • IELTS - No code (Choose from drop down or enter institution name and address)

Unofficial Test Scores
While all students are required to provide official test score reports, we encourage applicants to upload unofficial test score reports to the online application. These unofficial test score reports significantly assist the departments in evaluating your application, and may allow for a quicker admissions decision.

Other Supporting Materials (Check Departmental Guidelines)

Many programs require personal statements, resumes, writing samples, audio files (recitals, auditions), art portfolios and/or licensure. Although not required by The Graduate School, these materials are not ancillary to the admission process. Indeed, they often play a crucial role in the admittance decision. Check with your program of interest to see what supplemental materials are required. These materials may be uploaded to The Graduate School Application.

International Applicants

In addition to the supporting materials listed above, international students will need to satisfy the following:

  1. Language Requirement for applicants whose native language is not English (TOEFEL or IELTS International)
  2. Financial Resource Requirement (International Student Services)
  3. Application for Immigration (International Student Services)
Learn more about these requirements and the support services we offer international applicants.